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At the Seniors Real Estate Institute, our faculty members and coaches are not just educators—they are seasoned real estate professionals who have honed their craft in the same field you work in every day. Each one has built a successful career in residential real estate, leveraging the very tools and strategies that SREI champions.

Whether leading in-depth classroom training, conducting specialized short courses, or providing one-on-one coaching, our faculty members and coaches dedicate themselves entirely to fostering your success. This dedication is the cornerstone of our community at the Seniors Real Estate Institute—where we all strive together to be the best.

Join us and experience the power of expert guidance and an unwavering support system, all designed to help you excel in your real estate career.

Nikki Buckelew, PH.D., CSHP, CSDC

Chris Buckelew, B.A., CSHP, CSDC

Paul Henderson, CSHP, CSDC

Lyn Henderson, CSHP, CSDC

Lisa Treadwell, B.S., CSHP, CSDC

Alison VanHecke, M.S., CSHP, CSDC

Mary Eikenberry, CSHP, CSDC

Brett Junell, CSHP, CSDC

Annette Junell, CSHP, CSDC