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Opening Session: The New Generation

Who is this New Generation of senior adults and what can we expect from them as they begin to relocate, buy, and sell? How has the pandemic changed the landscape of senior living and how is this impacting the mature market landscape? Join Dr. Nikki Buckelew, Founder of the Seniors Real Estate Institute as she shares insights into what we can expect in the short- and long-term futures of senior real estate.

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Downsizing Debriefs. Real people, real stories

Get a glimpse into the psyche and experiences of people having completed the downsizing journey. We ask panelists to be completely candid about their downsizing adventures including feelings, thoughts, and strategies. We want to know what went well and what didn’t, and how real estate professionals can best be of service.

The Power Of Life Learning

Featured panelists for this session include mature adults who are life learners. They are prepared to share with attendees their unique perspectives as consumers of adult education and the importance of being a strong educator.

General Session: Downsizing Made Easy Method (TM)​

Learn how the Downsizing Made Easy Method can serve as the solution seniors are looking for, as well as the point of difference that sets you apart.

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Expert Panel: Successful Senior Living Seminars

Get best practices from the best in the biz on creating seminars that attract people and turn them into raving fans (and clients).

Expert Panel: Creating Educational Partnerships: Who, Why & How​

Learn from seminar hosts and sponsors just what makes collaboration a worthwhile investment of time & resources.

General Session: Business Building 101 - Phases Of Growth​

If you are still thinking things will return to “normal,” think again. Structural changes are taking place that are here to stay. One such change is all about technology. In this session we will discuss the importance of online tools amidst and beyond the post-pandemic era.

Panel Presentations: Project Management - Providing A Complete Relocation Strategy

Hear from fellow CSHPs who have incorporated the “one stop shop” concept for serving downsizing seniors without bringing services in-house.

Panel Presentations: Team Expansion As An End-To-End Relocation Solution​

Learn from fellow CSHP’s who have chosen to expand their in-house offerings to include move management, estate liquidation, and moving services.

Gain exclusive access to the 2021 Legacy Conference for only $199.

Available for limited time only.