Example criteria for key resource team members


Estate Liquidators

  • Professional company vs. someone who does it “on the side”
  • Have a large database and attendance at their sales
  • Have an antique appraiser on staff or retainer
  • Publicize their sales in a variety of places, including to their database of followers
  • Have relationships and/or connections with collectors
  • Long-term experience with estate sales in the area
  • Adequately staffed for large sales including providing security when needed
  • Do not have a re-sell business on the side
  • Willing to assist with small sales or have other resources to handle buy-outs
  • Leave the home at least “broom clean” at the end of the sale
  • Allow the family to do a pre-sale if requested
  • Will work together with the client and real estate agent to ensure critical timelines are met
  • Willing to refer buyer leads to you when people inquire about the house during the sale
  • Does not have a real estate agent on their sales team and will reciprocate with referrals

Senior Move Managers*

  • Possess the delicate balance of patience and assertiveness
  • Has liability insurance coverage
  • Can work within your client’s timeframe
  • Have a track record of multiple successful moves and can produce references
  • Communicates with you effectively and follows through
  • Have been adequately trained
  • Will provide reciprocal referrals when able to do so
  • Has a written contract for the client to sign
  • Will work with you concerning pricing that suits your client’s needs

* The term, Senior Move Manager® is a registered service mark, owned by the National Association of Senior Move Managers®, and can only be used by or in reference to NASMM members For more information on Senior Move Managers, check out their site at https://nasmm.org


  • Uniformed with names on their shirts or name badges
  • Trucks that are in good repair and that are easily identifiable as moving trucks
  • Will stand behind their bid and estimate – no fee increases on move day
  • Movers are employees vs. contractors or day laborers
  • Communicate effectively in the language of the client or provide translator
  • Wrap and pack furniture while inside the home so that it does not damage walls/doors
  • Take care to handle furniture with consideration of sentimental value
  • Call the client by Mr. or Mrs./Ms. And last name if requested
  • No profanity, smoking, or use of the client’s phone or computer
  • Breaks are scheduled and agreed upon in advance and taken outside the home
  • Company supervisor or manager available by phone during the move
  • Takes time to review paperwork and insurance documents and does not attempt to upsell the client on insurance or materials they do not need
  • Understands and follows the guidelines of the senior community move-in procedures
  • Patient about placing furniture at the new location and willing to move it multiple times if asked


Same as movers and additionally:
  • Clearly and accurately mark boxes
  • Communicate with the client concerning any questions about what to pack or not pack
  • Keep “chatting” to a minimum while working
  • Demonstrate a good work ethic and use of time
  • Clean up all excess packing materials and either remove or leave out of the way upon departure


  • On time for appointments (or call to reschedule if unable to be there)
  • References available for the type of work being done
  • Clearly communicate both verbally and in writing the work to be done and provide detail concerning estimated charges
  • Stand behind estimates – unless an extreme unexpected problem arises
  • Stand behind their work – in writing!
  • Provide all agreements for work in writing
  • Insured, bonded, licensed (if appropriate)
  • Polite and well mannered
  • Available by phone during reasonable hours
  • Free consultation to assess needs
  • Does not attempt to up-sell client
  • No smoking or profanity inside the home

Title companies / closing agents

  • Willing to go offsite for closings (hospital, nursing home, residence, if necessary)
  • Patient and articulates effectively so the client can hear and understand
  • Empathetic toward clients who may be emotionally distraught or sad about the sale
  • Willing to communicate with multiple people who may be involved in the sale
  • Has attorney on staff or retainer who can assist with legal documents, such as durable power of attorney, quit claim deeds when needed
  • Track record of running on schedule and communicating effectively
  • Will provide a third-party endorsement for you at closing (“You picked the best agent in town to handle your sale and you are so lucky to have had him/her helping you.”)

Criteria for All Resource Team Members

  • Uses empowering language and is not condescending
  • Understands and appreciates senior living options as positive alternatives
  • Looks the client in the eye and speaks directly to them
  • Advocates for the client when they see a potential concern
  • Stands behind their work and appreciates that their work impacts your reputation
  • Provides written estimates that are legible and detailed
  • Have references and are insured according to their professional requirements