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CSHP members are required to earn a minimum of 25 CE credits annually to maintain an active status.
The goals of CSHP continuing education (CE) requirements are as follows:
  • 1.To ensure CSHPs remain current on important and timely issues related to serving the real estate and relocation needs of the older adult demographic.
  • 2. To encourage ongoing development of knowledge, skills, and resources for better serving mature clients, caregivers, and the aging services community.

CSHPs can earn credits in a variety of ways. Those who are actively working in the senior niche are likely already engaged in many of the activities necessary for earning credits.

To renew:

  • Verify you have earned the minimum 25 continuing education credits by participating in approved activities.
  • Submit the completed CSHP Continuing Education Form on or before your renewal date.
  • Submit the $129 membership fee.
NOTE: Credits are NOT the equivalent of clock hours. CSHP credits and state CE requirements are unrelated.


SREI Coaching, Training, and Leadership Programs

  • Group Coaching (single program) = 10 credits
  • Personal Coaching = Weekly (15 credits) Bi-monthly (10 credits)
  • Group professional development/mastery sessions (held monthly) = 2 credits each
  • Success in Seniors Real Estate live course Part 1 (online or in person) = 5 credits
  • Success in Seniors Real Estate live course Part 2 (online or in person) = 5 credits
  • Serving on SREI leadership team, council, or committee = 5 credits
  • SREI Legacy Conference = 15 credits
NON-SREI CE Opportunities
General Education – Attendance at lecture, seminar, course, expo, workshop, etc. = One (1) CE credit each (regardless of class length or time).
Presenting an Educational Program – Program must be specific to downsizing, senior real estate or other pertinent subject matter with 5 or more people in attendance (regardless of length) = Two (2) CE credits per event
Conducting focus groups – Facilitating a focus group for aging services related professionals, senior adults, or adult children/caregivers. Must have minimum of 3 unrelated people in attendance for approval.
Higher Education – Full time college enrollment = 20 credits; Part time enrollment = 10 credits; Single class = 3 credits
  • Must be enrolled in a program relative to gerontology, social work, counseling, geriatric nursing, sociology, psychology, or other disciplines relevant to senior real estate.
Volunteerism – Senior specific volunteerism = (1) CE credit per event (maximum 10 credits per renewal cycle).
Professional Conferences – Aging services, senior real estate, or move management conferences = 10 credits
New Certifications and Designations – Varies please see attached explanations and examples document
*For further information and examples regarding CE categories refer to the attached explanations and examples. If a specific credentialing program is not listed, call or email SREI for clarification.