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Turn Personal Contacts into Raving Referral Fans

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Course Objective:

The goal of this course is to help you identify your core advocates, connect with them, and develop an ongoing campaign designed to stay in touch and consistently add value.

As you stay top of mind — differentiating yourself from other agents in your market — you will increase your personal referrals AND have more fun doing it!

Here is what’s included in this SREI Short Course:

Session 1

  • The value of staying in touch
  • Methods for communicating
  • Overcoming communication and engagement reluctance
  • Clarity of purpose
  • Identifying and categorizing key contacts and core advocates

Session 2

  • Crafting your message
  • Review proven strategies for staying in touch
  • Utilizing direct calls to action

Session 3

  • The personal touch
  • Client and referral appreciation events
  • Cause marketing
  • Develop a referral reward system

Session 4

  • Creating positive habits
  • Adding leverage
Every individual is unique in their approach to attracting clients and opportunities.