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Senior Living Tours-Maximizing Referral Relationships

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Course Objective:

Have you been touring senior living communities, staying in touch, and doing your best to add value, but still aren’t getting many referrals? Solving this mystery requires looking at the big picture, critically analyzing ALL the various pieces of the puzzle.

In this short course, we will review the current day best practices for creating strong senior living community relationships AND offer suggestions (from years of experience) for where, when or how you (or they) may be missing the mark.

Upon completing this short course you will have a plan for moving forward to increase your overall effectiveness with this key platform.

Session 1

  • Setting goals and standards
  • Identifying communities
  • Knowing your value proposition
  • Evaluating collateral materials

Session 2

  • Creating a launch plan
  • Phase 1: People, positions, and processes
  • Phase 2: Getting their attention
  • Phase 3: Forging partnerships

Session 3

  • Hosting an event
  • Attending events

Session 4

  • Staffing changes
  • Starting over
  • Reevaluation
  • Parting ways