2020 Legacy Conference Videos

Did you miss this year’s conference?  Catch up now with video replays!

Opening Session: The New Generation

Who is this New Generation of senior adults and what can we expect from them as they begin to relocate, buy, and sell? How has the pandemic changed the landscape of senior living and how is this impacting the mature market landscape?  Join Dr. Nikki Buckelew, Founder of the Seniors Real Estate Institute as she shares insights into what we can expect in the short- and long-term futures of senior real estate.

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Navigating Senior Living During a Pandemic

COVID-19 has changed everything. Communities are changing and adapting and seniors are postponing moves due to local restrictions and health- or safety-related concerns. Learn more about what you need to know to navigate this new senior living landscape and support your community connections.

Real Life Downsizers tell all!

The best way to find out what people want, need and appreciate is to simply ask them! So that’s just what we did. Hear the good, bad, and maybe even some ugly from mature home sellers who made the decision to downsize.

General Session: Growing a Strong Senior Division Using the 3P Method

Business building isn’t complicated. In fact, it’s pretty simple when you break it down into bite sized manageable steps and practical systems. In this session we will explore the 3P method of attracting more clients while having more fun!

Get access to the 2020 Legacy Conference videos for only $199.

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Personal Platform

Get best practices for nurturing your personal connections and maximizing referrals from the best in the biz.

Mastermind Sessions

Professional Platform:

Share strategies for partnering with other industry leaders to serve and attract more of your ideal clients!

Public Platform:

What are the best ways to position yourself as the local subject matter expert in your market? Print? Radio? TV? Social media? Farming? YouTube?

General Session: The Digital Dilemma

If you are still thinking things will return to “normal,” think again. Structural changes are taking place that are here to stay. One such change is all about technology. In this session we will discuss the importance of online tools amidst and beyond the post-pandemic era.

Powerful Pipelines through Educational Seminars

The value of empowering education has been proven time and time again. Hear from fellow servant leaders who are attracting clients and closing sales using SREI’s Ultimate Senior Living Seminar Solution tools and practices. Gain insight into how online seminars are proving highly successful with this New Generation of mature homeowners.

Strength in Numbers: Team Building Strategies

Owning and operating a successful business means staying in your zone of genius and leveraging other tasks to those best suited for the job. Get the scoop on team building strategies from fellow CSHPs.

Closing Session: Purposeful Planning

Creating a successful senior-centered real estate practice requires two key elements: 1) A purpose, and 2) A Plan. Learn the key components of purposeful planning in this final conference session. Put the pieces together and take action toward your own personalized strategy for growing a longterm specialized real estate practice.

Gain exclusive access to the 2020 Legacy Conference for only $199.

Available for limited time only.

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